Starbucks Drink Sizes

Don’t know the Starbucks sizes? Let me explain.

Short - 8 oz.
This is the smallest size that Starbucks offers. It’s not very commonly ordered, and you can only get hot drinks in a Short size.

Tall - 12 oz.
Tall is considered to be a “small” sized drink. A medium size at Tim Hortons in Canada is 10 oz, or 14 oz in the U.S.

Grande - 16 oz.
Pronounced “GRAWN-day”. A Large Tim Hortons coffee is between 14 and 20 oz.

Venti - 20 oz. when hot, or 24 oz. cold.
Pronounced “VENN-tee”. An Extra Large at Tim Hortons is between 20 and 24 oz.

And make way for the Trenta - 31 oz. available in the U.S in May, 2011

6.5 oz. = about 1 cup


Solo - 1 oz.
Single shot espresso.

Doppio - 2 oz.
Double shot espresso.

Order Example: Tall  Bold.
Doppio Espresso in a Tall cup.