If your drink is espresso based (most are, for example, a latte), you can play around with the number of espresso shots in your drink.

There is 1 shot in Shorts and Talls, 2 shots in Grande and Venti drinks and 3 shots in Iced Venti drinks.

**Americanos have 1 shot in a short, 2 in a Tall, 3 in a Grande, and 4 in a Vente. Either hot or iced.

1 Shot- Single
2 Shots- Double
3 Shots- Triple
4 Shots- Quad and I don’t think you’d want more than 4…

—>Remember that you can get one or half of those shots decaf to make it half-cafe (see “Decaf” tab).

Order Example: Single Grande Vanilla Latte